Thursday, January 12, 2012

Electric Cars P3

Although electric cars have several potential advantages as mentioned above, but the widespread use of electric cars have a lot of obstacles and shortcomings. Until the year 2011, the price of electric cars is still far more expensive when compared with ordinary internal combustion engine vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles as the price of lithium ion batteries are expensive. 

Electric Cars

Even so, the current battery prices began to fall as it begins to be produced in large quantities. Another factor that inhibits the growth of car use is still at least an electric charging stations for electric cars, plus endless fear motorists will charge the car before they reached the destination. 

Several governments in several countries around the world have published some of the incentives and rules to tackle these problems, which aim to increase sales of electric cars, to finance the development of electric car technology and components so that the price of car batteries can be more efficient. The U.S. government has provided a grant of U.S. $ 2.4 billion for the development of electric cars and batteries. 

China's government announced that they will provide funds amounting to U.S. $ 15 billion to launch the electric car industry in the country. Several local and national governments in many countries have issued tax credits, subsidies, and many other incentives to reduce the price of electric cars and plug-in cars.