Thursday, January 12, 2012

E-Bugster VW The New Electric Car Concept

VOLKSWAGEN E-Bugster is an entirely new concept based on the latest VW Beetle. The letter 'E' on E-Bugster indicate these new car run with electric power electric power. The electric motor capable of generating power carried 85 kW or 114 horsepower with torsional strength up to 270 Nm and 161 km with roaming capabilities presented by lithium ion batteries weighing 315 kg is located under the back seat and trunk floor.
new electric cars
New Electric Cars

Through the charging port is deliberately hidden under the VW logo on the nose of the cars and depending on the charger is used, 80 percent of charging can be done only within 30 minutes.

E-Bugster appear with a very distinctive figure created thanks to a lower roof (chopped roof), and when combined with wide and flat windshield, making the display E-buster looks like a Beetle 2012 which has undergone plastic surgery in California. Another beautiful view presented by velek large diameter 20-inch Fuchs velek reminiscent of the much in use in many of the classic Beetle throughout the world.