Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Car Wash

Washing your own car at home if not done the right way, instead will make the paint can not be shiny again. For that there are things to consider in a car wash as follows:
Car Wash
Before the car washed with water, clean it first with quill / feather duster while not dusty, because dust particles can cause scratches on the car body.

Perform a job washing cars during the hours of 8 am below or above the 5 pm to avoid the blazing sun. Remember! Cars do not get wet in the sun, because the water droplets that are like a magnifying glass that can damage / burn the paint.

If forced to wash the car at night, brush your car until it is completely dry, then all the car doors opened and then closed with a rather loud over and over again so that the water was still in the cracks can come down and do not settle on a car that can lead to carats.

Use a special shampoo to remove oil from automobile combustion of other car that contain oil. Because at the time of the car on the road there are a lot of fumes from other vehicles such as diesel fuel, motor 2 stroke, etc..

If there is no special car shampoo, use a hair shampoo that contains no detergents, shampoo your hair the way they will pour the sponge onto a special car.