Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tips Choosing Right Car Rental

Here are tips for renting a car:

1. Find the right car rental companies meant have offices and employees
2. Looking for rental companies can contact them via the internet and via phone / e-mail in advance
3. The characteristics of a credible rental companies is that if we order a car will be serviced by an employee and you may soon be rewarded e-mail/fax
Car Rental
 Car Rental
4. After you order you will be required to pay the money to book rental service at least 1 day in advance to ensure certainty of booking your car
5. There is a large car rental companies that accept payment by credit card. To be more safe you can pay by credit card
6. Researching the state of the vehicle following letters, key equipment, spare tire, etc.
7. It would be nice if the car is equipped with all risk insurance
8. Rental car typically provide special vehicle registration car rental to tenants.
9. After the signature of your car rental documents to get a copy and save it be fine if there are problems on the road such as accidents, strikes, etc. please contact telpnya and do not forget to ask that the phone can be in contact 24 hours.