Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tips for Choosing Used Car

Choosing used car is no easy job, in desperate need of thoroughness. Because his name is also used, certainly a lot of the parts that have been damaged or have defects. Maybe it's a lot to know and not a secret that choosing a used car should pay attention to the engine, how the engine sounds, there is oil that seeped or not etc.. It also should be considered is the problem of body, how to paint it, many are already putty or not, and many more things that must be considered.
Used Car
Tips choose used car
This time I'm going to write is how to tips on choosing a used car, to find out whether the car chassis bent or not. These tips there is no guarantee that gives the correct result will be 100% but at least can be used as alternatives how do we choose used car.
  1. Try to use the car on the straight and flat, feel the stability of the car. Try to swing to the left and right, if everything is stable.
  2. See the tie rod between the left and right, whether setting same? how one is to see or measure the length of tie rod between the wheels left and right, whether the distance between the wheel and tie rod holders have the same distance? or we can easily measure the distance between the holders of the remaining threaded tie rod left and right wheels.
  3. Are not we remove the steering wheel on the car straight road running straight?
  4. If steps 2 and 3 are okay then to step four.
  5. Find a piece of string, yarn or raffia can, get someone else to hold the rope at the back end of the rear wheels then we hold the rope in front of the car. Move the rope slowly until it touches the front strap the rear wheel. So the string is touching the back and the front of the rear wheels. For cars with a chassis that is straight, then we hold the rope in front of the front wheels will touch. If there is a difference between front and rear wheels, we can be sure that the chassis of the car is not straight.
Conclusion choose used car : if we loose steering wheel on a straight path remains straight, the distance from the wheel tie rod to the holder of the same, we measure the thread there is a difference, most likely is not straight chassis.